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About On Course Cleaning

Welcome to On Course Cleaning, a dedicated ​provider of professional cleaning services founded ​by Kierston Barthold. With a background in the ​medical field, Kierston understands the critical ​importance of cleanliness in maintaining health and ​safety.

At On Course Cleaning, we pride ourselves on ​delivering meticulous cleaning solutions tailored to ​meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you ​require routine office cleaning, deep home ​cleaning, or post-construction cleanup, we are here ​to ensure your space is not only clean but also ​pristine and welcoming.

Using industry-leading practices and eco-friendly ​products, we strive to exceed expectations with ​every service. Our mission is to create hygienic ​environments that promote health, productivity, ​and peace of mind for our clients.

Contact On Course Cleaning today to discover ​how we can elevate the cleanliness standards of ​your business or home. Trust us to handle the ​cleaning, so you can stay focused on what matters ​most to your home or business.

Current ​Services

One Time Deep Clean

Every Task gets an upgrade including ​baseboards, lights, and extra attention to ​bathrooms!

Current ​Services

R​ecurring Services

Whether its weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, all ​essential areas of the home are cleaned including ​dusting, wiping, vacuuming and mopping. If you ​want, we’ll even put new sheets on the bed for you.

Current ​Services

Move In/Out

Combines services from a Deep Cleaning with ​fridge, oven, windows, and cabinet cleaning. We ​will make sure the entire inside of your home is ​ready for the next person.

Current ​Services

Commercial Services

Whether you run a small business or corporate ​office, keeping it clean is important to maintain a ​healthy work environment, which benefits ​employees and can help your business attract new ​clients and customers. Walk through required.

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Residential Cleaning Checklist

We provide a consistent, high-quality cleaning experience. We offer whole home cleaning where we work off our standard checklist, ​but also can accomodate additional custom cleaning requests as well.

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Fill and run dishwasher or hand wash

Remove dust and cobwebs

Dust all lights ceiling fans and blades

Dust Baseboards, clean doors

Wipe tables and chairs

Wipe front of all cabinets

Sweep and mop floors

Empty and replace garbage

Clean outside of refrigerators

Clean stovetop and control panels

Clean microwaves (inside and outside)

Clean and dry sink and counters

Outside of all countertop appliances

toilet line icon


Remove dust and cobwebs

Dust Baseboards, clean doors

Clean mirrors

Clean shower and tubs

Sweep and mop floors

Clean all light switches and knobs

Empty and replace garbage

Clean and dry shower door and glass

Clean and dry sink counter

Clean toilet, base, and lid

Dust and tidy countertop items

Fold and hang new towels

Clean front of all cabinets

Loose Doodle Living Room

*Bedrooms and common rooms

Dust all surfaces

Remove dust and cobwebs

Dust ceiling fans and window blinds

Dust furniture, lamps, hanging lights

Dust Baseboards, clean doors

Sweep and mop flooring

Vacuum carpets, stairs, and rugs

Empty and replace garbage

Make beds (change linens)

Dust and tidy knickknacks

Clean all light switches and door knobs

Tidy areas light organizing

Add Ons:



inside oven

inside fridge/freezer

inside cabinets

Indoor windows/outdoor up to 15ft


Move in/out cleanings include:



indoor windows


Inside of cabinets

future services we will be offering:

Carpet Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

car detaling

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

We provide a consistent, high-quality cleaning experience. We offer whole office cleaning where we work off our standard checklist, ​but also can accomodate additional custom cleaning requests as well.

Kitchen Outline Icon

*Cafeteria/ Breakrooms

Disinfect touch points including door handles, latches, ​faucet handles and soap dispensers

Empty all trash

Replenish paper towels and soap

Clean countertops

Clean and polish the sink(s)

Sweep or vacuum floors

Mop floors

Clean outside the fridge

Clean inside and outside the microwave

toilet line icon
Living Room Icon


Disinfect touch points including door handles, latches, faucet ​handles and soap dispensers

Empty all trash including women’s feminine product bins

Replenish restroom supplies including toilet paper, paper ​towels and hand soap

Clean and disinfect toilets and urinals including bowls, seats, ​stools, and flush handles

Clean walls and partitions

Clean countertops

Clean and polish the sink(s)

Dust window coverings and window sills

Clean mirrors

Sweep and mop


Disinfect touch points including door handles and bars, light ​switches, and handrails

Empty all trash (including exterior bins).

Clean spots on walls and doors

Sweep the lobby Disinfect & polish water fountain(s)

Clean entrance doors and glass

Clean break rooms

Dust furniture and decor

Dust doors and door frames

Dust window coverings and window sills

Dust office chair, wheels and floor pads

Clean desks (do not disturb items on the desk)

Clean and disinfect telephones

Clean and disinfect keyboards and mice

Sweep or vacuum floors and under desks

Mop all hard floors and stairs

Add Ons:

Indoor and Outdoor windows ​up to 15ft

Fridge Clean out

Services are Personalized based on your place of business needs


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Email: ​oncoursecleaning@gmail.com

Phone: 315-725-9916




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How It Works

Getting set up with a cleaning service for your home is a simple and convenient process that begins with filling out our online form. ​This form is designed to gather all the necessary information to ensure that we understand your specific cleaning needs and can ​provide you with the best service possible. Once you've completed the form, our team will review your submission and reach out to ​you to confirm the details and discuss any additional requirements. We'll work closely with you to create a cleaning plan that fits your ​schedule and preferences. By filling out this form, you're taking the first step towards a clean and organized environment. We're here ​to provide you with a hassle-free cleaning service, so you can focus on what's important!

If your interested in commercial cleaning services you will need to contact On Course Cleaning directly to schedule a ​walk through of your facility.

Satisfied Clients


Neat and tidy. I actually get some time off.

five star rating


Kierston is awesome! She did videos of the ​rooms after she was all done cleaning. She ​communicates so well and does such a great ​job!! You will love her and her work!!

five star rating


I have appreciated the professionalism and ​dedication to helping me manage my home ​cleaning needs. Kierston has been very ​flexible and accommodating!!

five star rating


Kierston is absolutely awesome! She has been doing ​regular cleanings for us for over a month and we are ​extremely happy with the service! She is punctual, ​friendly, efficient, and thorough. She asks questions ​to make sure she is doing things the way you want ​them done and wants feedback to make sure you are ​happy. Overall we are so happy to have found On ​Course Cleaning!

five star rating


I can’t say enough good things about our experience with On ​Course Cleaning! Kierston is so easy to work with and a true ​professional. I’m always nervous about having people in our ​home because we have an anxious rescue dog who takes a ​long time to warm up to new people and Kierston made it ​incredibly smooth for all of us. Not to mention, my home has ​never looked and felt so great. Definitely will have On Course ​Cleaning here regularly from now on!

five star rating


Great cleaning service. Reasonable rate with great results. Efficient, on time and couldn’t be happier

five star rating